Uncover the Cause of Your Bladder Control Issues

Find urodynamic testing at Ladies Choice OB-GYN in Galloway, NJ

Do you have problems with urine leakage? Are you tired of constantly running to the bathroom? If you’re having problems with your bladder, turn to Ladies Choice OB-GYN in Galloway for thorough urodynamic testing.

Book an appointment at our New Jersey office when you need help with:

• Painful urination
• Sudden, strong urges to urinate
• Problems emptying bladder completely
• Problems starting
• Frequent urination
• Urine leakage

Our testing looks at how well your bladder and other aspects of your body are storing and releasing urine, allowing us to pinpoint the root of the problem. Speak with our medical professional today about your issues – you won’t regret counting on us for help.

Get the answer to your medical issue by calling now!

Get the answer to your medical issue by calling now!

If you’re tired of bladder problems, get quality services and first-rate customer care from Ladies Choice OB-GYN in Galloway, NJ. In addition to urodynamic testing, our specialists also offers gynecological services as well as laser hair removal and fat reduction.

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